Representatives of ORa Mirela Holy and Mladen Novak and Independent Representative Zlatko Tušak presented on Wednesday a newly established parliamentary team of representatives of OraH, saying that they can only act in a quality manner.

"Only as a Club we can work effectively and correct certain legal solutions that are not in the interest of citizens. It is true that due to the new circumstances, we will have little time to act, but we will show that we are serious, "Tušak said at the press conference.

With Holy and Novak, with whom he had long been in the ranks of Laburista, he said it was easy to arrange because he had close attitudes about some legal solutions and political situations.

He also admitted that they had invited him to move to OraH, and he would make the final decision for a few days.

The elections will be considered to be the most likely 15. November "That's because the whole story will spin around Vukovar, and less of what some parties will offer," Tušak believes.

Asked if she was surprised by the announcement of the special session of the House that began on Tuesday, she returned with laughter to "make the choices that the OR had previously been able to form a club".

There is, say, a great chance that the election date will be 15. November, but it may also be a "psychological war and an attempt to exhaust the anti-candidate".

"It seems to me that the ruling majority considers that the bipolarization of the political scene goes hand in hand and will probably try to profit from that bipolarization, ie the fact that all this is foreseen a few days before the fall of Vukovar," Holy said.

She reiterated that the ORs were on their own, even though they were very uncertain about the party. However, politics and political scene can not be changed if you are talking and doing the other.

If, after the parliamentary elections of the OR, it was possible to use the constellation bar to decide on new elections, Holy said to try to see if it was possible to negotiate with the government about concrete content and reforms with deadlines and executors of realization.

"We will put a concrete plan and cooperation into an internal referendum," said Holy, rejecting the possibility of any co-operation with HDZ, as the right-wing party says, with an inadmissible verdict on crime and corruption.