From Saturday 23. January at the Zagreb Tuškanac cinema starts a program of movie maths and creative workshops for children from four years to more.

In the following four Saturdays from 11 to 13,30 classes in the classical Zagreb Tuškanac cinema will be held programs of film matineas and creative workshops titled Smart Cinema for children from four years to more.

First Saturday, 23. January, the program starts at 11 hours by projection of the exciting animated film adventures of Planet 51, and continues with STEAM workshops in the cinema lobby. Children love to draw, paint, play and create a creative exploration of the world around them, and when they learn something more and have fun, the benefit is multifaceted. That is why at STEAM, creative and scientific workshops, children model, sniff and experimenting to build their new world and learn about the world around them.

The workshop runs on 60 minutes and is intended for the youngest participants, but children of all ages are welcome and parental attendance is mandatory.

About the movie:
Planet 51 (Spain, 2009.); directors: Jorge Blanco, Javier Abad; music: James Seymour Brett; Producers: Guy Collins, Ignacio Perez Dolset; distribution: Editus
animated, digitally, 87 min, age 4 +, synchronized to Croatian

Planet 51 is an exciting animated film adventure about the American astronaut, Captain Charles Chuck Baker, who sits on Planet 51. He is convinced he is the first man to walk on Planet 51. But it is a surprise that it is not the planet itself that has been inhabited by small, loving green beings who live quietly and whose homes and gardens look like American houses from the early fifties. Their only fear invasion is alien just like Chuck.

With the help of robot Rob and his new friend Lema, Chuck must find a way out of this strange and confusing situation he found. If it fails, it will remain on Planet 51 as a permanent exhibit in the Museum of the Magnifying Waggles.

The film won the prestigious Spanish film award for Goya as the best animated film.

About workshops:
STEAM is an educational approach that uses science, technology, engineering, arts and math as an access point for childhood curiosity, dialogue and critical thinking. STEAM education programs include interdisciplinary, interactive and, above all, experiential learning, and thus focuses on the child's creation and experimentation.
STEAM workshops have an interdisciplinary approach to learning that is based on experience, experimentation and creativity, because only when a person does something, experiences and tries, deepens the level of understanding of the subject and is truly learned and remembered. The reason for this is that STEAM approach to learning encourages the active use of both sides of the brain, as children combine logic and analytics with innovation and original ideas.

The STEAM workshops are designed and run by the staff members of the Center.
Ticket 20 kuna.
The program is realized by the HFS in cooperation with Sekvoja centar and Editus doo
More about cinema programs at or on Facebook's Tuškanac Cinema site.
Checkout: 4834 039