Everything is ready for 63. the edition of the Zagreb Festival, which will be on this Friday, 22. January, take place in the Kornati Hall (Slavonian Avenue 6), starting at 20 hours! With direct TV broadcast, his latest hits will be presented by Ana Opačak, Antonela Doko, Damir Kedžo, Dictators, Elena Stella, Noa, Sanja, Zec & Marinko, Giuliano, Hari Rončević, Ivan Ive Županović, Keops feat Renata Sabljak, Flying Squadron, Marijan Ban, Marko Tolja, Mila Elegovic, Pavel, Game Rules, Silent and Ganamari.

The songs have already won the radio ether - ten singles are on the official HR top 40 broadcast list, and all the songs will be public this Wednesday, available at the festival compilation at all print media at Press Media or via Deezer.

Warming for the festival starts already on Thursday, 21. January, from the 19 lessons in Zagreb's Basta Gourmet Bar, and on that occasion will be awarded the award for the most talked-about song of last year's 62. Zagreb Festival.

As a special guest of this year's Festival will feature the Italian star and the double winner Sanrem, Marco Masini. He will perform his three success stories in the realm of the program with which he won the heart of the Italian audience, but also the fondness of music criticism: The Flying Man, Ci vorebbe il mare and Che day.

With two guards, Anu Radišić, Nevena Rendeli, Antu Cash and Fran Ridjan, the party is guaranteed to the spectators in the hall and to the small and big screens.

Do not miss 63. Zagreb Festival on Friday, 22. January at 20 hours, and find out more on the official website and Facebook site of the festival.