Seventy former workers of the railway wagon factory Gredelj protested on Wednesday before DORH and Uskok, and their delegation talked with the state attorney Dinka Cvitan and head of Uskoka Tamara Laptoš about applications for suspicion of illegal business and those companies who, as they claim, banished to bankruptcy.

They promised us to report within two weeks of what they did about our applications. The conversation was correct, we do not hope for anything, and if we are not happy with the development of the situation we will have to find again and see where, why and why the president of the Croatian Trade Union Workers' Union, Damir Jakuš, told the assembled workers.

He reminded that Gredelj was wholly owned by the Croatian Railways, as a company founded for the construction of wagons, locomotives and trams. But that does not work today in Gredelj, which has more than 100 years of experience, a brand known throughout Europe, but locomotives are rented out in Serbia, said Jakuš.

Responsible for this is holding the Government and the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications Sinisa Hajda Doncic, who stated that he personally made the decision that Gredelj went bankrupt. It is about one and a half billion, a thousand workers have ended up in the stock market, five hundred are working for very low salaries, former workers have not received severance payments, and the company has been deprived of bankruptcy by a political decision. Applications were submitted a year ago but nothing has been done so far. Let them reject if they are unfounded, he said.

Asked for severance payments to former Gredelj employees, Jakuš said they got about 0,7 percent of the resort's sales on Rab for which they received slightly more than 2 million. There was also a holiday resort in Diklo near Zadar for something more than 10 million kuna. Unfortunately, when taken into account by the bankruptcy trustee and the State Bankruptcy Agency, it is all less than 10 percent, says Jakuš.

Workers expect their severance pay and they will only be able to get them if they manage to "get rid of" the crime and get rid of the landowner's Gredelja mortgages, and then sell them. According to the law, workers are in the first payment order, Jakuš said.

The president of the Gredelj Workers' Union, Željko Starčević, said that it was a total of 220 million kuna. He is convinced, even though they have assured them that judicial bodies work independently, they will ultimately decide on politics. He for the failure of Gredelj, except Hajdaš Dončić, also accuses former ministers of Slavko Linić and Radimir Cacic and announces the continuation of the struggle for the rights of former workers.