The party of the OR has already clearly and unequivocally informed the media and the public that the ORs in the parliamentary elections are on their own and that it is not possible to cooperate with the political options which are not compatible with the ORaH program, but also in terms of political credibility and responsibility - said the spokesman of the party in in a written statement.

-If ORaH is consistent with this, it is best to say that the president of the party has recently clearly and unambiguously eliminated the possibility of joint departure with the SDP coalition in parliamentary elections, even though we have been offered a large number of probable mandates. In ORA we are aware of the great uncertainty of the results of the next elections, but given the fact that we consider politics to be in the public interest, this kind of political trade is absolutely unacceptable to us.

Given the speculation in the media and the public that "ORaH plays for the SDP", we would like to fully inform the public about the next. If, after the next parliamentary elections, the ORaH is a political option, which will depend on the announcement of new elections or attempts to reach agreement on the direction of state development in the next four years in the ORA, we will insist on defining a clear and unambiguous program and work plan of the Government of the Left Symbols with specific timeframes and realization of necessary reforms and projects in defined deadlines and executors. This is primarily related to the necessary public administration reform in a quality, efficient and transparent service of all citizens of the Republic of Croatia, judicial reform in an efficient and just system that works by the principle of equal rules for all, territorial organization reform in order to comply with the needs of citizens and the financial capabilities of the state because these reforms are a key instrument for implementing any other reforms needed in the Republic of Croatia, and thus the changes of the bad direction in which Croatia is currently moving.

Since the ORA is the only party in Croatia trying to implement the inter-party democratic process, this political issue, in the event of such a scenario, would give decision-making to the members and members of the ORA through the party's referendum.

We emphasize that politics in Croatia will never change and work in the public interest if political parties are to be treated solely as an opportunity for the realization of their own particular interests and interests of their close lobbies. The meaning of the ORA's policy is to implement the necessary social changes in the long-term and sustainable interest of citizens. Particular interest of political parties must therefore be behind the interests of the citizens we serve - writes Dean Sharcevic, spokesman for the party of the Aries.