On the occasion of the announcement of the proposal of the priority list for the allocation of urban areas of the City of Zagreb to the use of associations, Platform 112 and Association of Clubing Associations warn of a long-standing game in the vicious city of Zagreb - illogicality and non-transparency of the allocation of urban space,

The 112 Platform organizations submitted an appeal to the announced results of the competition for the award of urban space, since the rules of the game changed in the tender process - the formal terms of the competition were not respected and the required mandatory documentation for which certain associations were excluded from the competition. Specifically, the results did not indicate the area in which some associations applied for and was offered in the contest. In addition, 44 applications were rejected because the associations did not submit to the Municipal Court's conviction that the association or the authorized person would not conduct the criminal proceedings, although this was not specified in the mandatory documentation.

In addition to this, there are unclear criteria for allocating individual spaces for specific purposes. In the bidding itself, it is pre-determined for which space can be competed with associations with specific activity, regardless of the knowledge of the needs of these associations and their users. In addition to the lack of a competition for the allocation of space to associations, the spaces being placed in tenders are often inadequate, streamlined and poor infrastructure and in fact represent spaces that the City has failed to allocate to the profit sector.

Therefore 112 Platform is seeking annulment of the controversial 19 contest. October 2015. on the website of the City of Zagreb and the call for a repeated bid according to clearly specified conditions and criteria. It is a long time to approach the urban property policies and public property management policies more efficiently so that the premises would not be lost and put into social function. It is time for local authorities to understand that urban spaces are a public good of all citizens and all associations, and that the process of their assignment must be a "pure job" rather than a city game in a blur through non-transparent procedures and predetermined competitors.

"112 Platform - for the Rule of Law in Croatia" is made up of the following organizations:
BaBe Be active. Be emancipated, Center for Peace Studies, Documentum - Center for Dealing with the Past, GONG, Human Rights House Zagreb, Regional Youth Info Center Rijeka - UMKI, Parents in Action - RODA, Serbian Democratic Forum, Youth Association "Youth in the European Union ", Association for Promotion of Human Rights and Media Freedoms CENZURA PLUS, Association for Self-Advocacy, Association for the Protection of Human Rights and Civil Freedoms HOMO Pula, Association for the Protection of Immigrant Persons and the Promotion of the Irreligious Imagination of the World Protagor, Zagreb Pride, Green Action, Center for Sexual Rights

"112 Platform - for the Croatian Rule of Law" supports the following organizations:
Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights Osijek, Center for Peace, Legal Advice and Psychosocial Assistance Vukovar, Center for Support and Development of Civil Society DELFIN, CESI - Center for Education, Counseling and Research, Center for Civic Initiatives Poreč, DEŠA - Dubrovnik, Domino, Eko-Eko Komin, Eko Pan, Eko-Zadar, Ecological Tourist Association Šolta, Ecological Association Krka Knin, Fade In - Fantastic Good Institution, Forum for Freedom of Education, Croatian Debate Society, Croatian Association of Deaf- The Croatian Association of Blind people, the Croatian Association for Training Dog Training and Mobility, the Info Zone, the Information Center (IPC), Iskorak - Center for Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities, Coalition of Health Associations, Coordination of Children's Associations, Curriculum - Media and Society, Lesbian Group Contra, MIRamiDA, Oasis Peace Group Beli Manastir, Youth Network of Croatia, Multimedia Institute, ODRAZ-Sustainable Community Initiative, Civil Society Initiative, Civic Rights Initiative Sisak, Radio Network, Association of Croatian Residents Association, Social Policy and Inclusion (SPUK), Delta Association, Association of Parents of Special Needs Children's Way - PUŽ, social affirmation of people with mental disorders - Shine, Association for Independent Media Culture, Association for the Help and Education of Victims of Mobbing, Association for Helping People with Mental Retardation of Međimurje County, Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sun, Association for Promotion of Inclusion, Association for promotion of the same opportunities, Association for Civil Society Development SMART, Association for the Development of Civil and Political Culture Karlovac Polka, Association for the Improvement of Living Quality LET, Association for the Protection of Human Rights and Humanitarian Activities Dalmatian Solidarity Board - DOS, Association for Nature Protection and Environment Green Osijek , Volunteer Center Zagreb, Slagalica Foundation, New Research Council nara, Green Istria