The best player of the Croatian football team, Luka Modrić, on Sunday tested Uskok in the investigation against the brothers Zdravko and Zoran Mamic, Croatian media reported, referring to unofficial sources.

Details of Modric's testimony did not come to the public. However, the Jutarnji List states that his testimony will have "the almost decisive role in the strongest indictment charged by Uskok to Zdravko Mamić", namely that he had depleted the money out of Dinamo via Modric.

Uskok doubts that Mamic is transferring Modric to Tottenham 2009. kept 52 million for himself. Modric signed an antidatate annex to the contract, which for Dinamo disbursed half of the transfer money for his account, and after Dinamo paid 66,9 HRK million, Modric had even given 52 millions to various members of the Mamić family.

The investigation against Mamic Uskok was initiated in early July due to the suspicion that he had committed with his brother, Zoran, the executive president of the Croatian Football Association Damirom Vrbanović, and the tax on Milan's Pernatom Dinamo for at least 117,8 million, and a budget for at least 12,2 million of unpublished and unpaid taxes i prireza. Zdravko Mamić unleashed at least 52 million kuna from Dinamo, according to Uskoka, while his younger brother Zoran at that club and the tax evasion illegally earned 38,1 million.

Brothers Mamić and Vrbanović were released from the 15 investigative prison. July after the bailout has been paid.

At the end of July against Mamic, the Zagreb State Attorney's Office also filed an indictment for the threat of football manager Roberto Murić.