Lesbian organization Rijeka - LORI, Zagreb Pride, Domino and Center for Peace Studies welcome the presidential decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, which prohibits any public statement aimed at encouraging discrimination, according to a statement. They argue that, given the current context of intensified discriminatory speech by public figures, especially politicians, as well as undermining human and minority rights, especially LGBT persons and members of minority ethnic / national groups, this verdict is a powerful mechanism of protection against discrimination against all minority and vulnerable groups of citizens in Croatia.

Read them in the following:

According to the Supreme Court's decision, from 17. June 2015. Because of the statement that gays should not play soccer in the Croatian national team, because gay man can not be seen as a member of the team, but only as "as a ballet, songwriter and journalist", president of GNK Dino Zdravko Mamić committed direct discrimination. By this verdict, the court also ordered Zdravko Mamic a public apology that he must publish in the daily newspaper "Jutarnji list" within three days, and forbidding him to repeat the act, which means that he should not use hate speech against LGBT persons in his future public appearances .

By this verdict, the Supreme Court established a high standard of protection for LGBT people, but also all other groups of citizens, all minority groups in our society, from any form of public incitement to discrimination. Given that this is a past and pioneering struggle for a society without discrimination in our country, the applicants of the joint lawsuit will devote this verdict to all borers and human rights fighters. Use it to defend against any incitement to discrimination!

In addition, the Zagreb Pride, Center for Peace Studies, LORI and Queer Zagreb, which have been initiated by the Supreme Court in November, have warned that, over the last two years at regular courts, this ruling has been waiting for more than five years is an extremely lengthy procedure. According to the Anti-Discrimination Act, discriminatory procedures are conducted in a hurried procedure, and five years can not be categorized as an urgent procedure.


A joint lawsuit by four civil society organizations is submitted to the County Court in Zagreb, 10. December 2010. years. 24. March 2011. the judge of the same court (Judge Jadranka Travaš) was handed down, rejecting the appeal, stating that it was the "value court" of Mr Mamić. The appeal of the organization's prosecutor was filed against this verdict of 13. April 2011. year and follows a series of rushes to the Supreme Court to decide on the appeal as VSRH and makes 18. April 2012. year refusal. The verdict revision was filed the same day on 2012. and we have submitted more VS rushes to date and yesterday (25 January 2016) we also received a verdict amending the VS RH judgment of 18. April 2012. and the County Court in Zagreb by 24. March 2011. and it is determined that Mr. Mamić in his statement discriminated against LGBT persons.

We also state that 6. May 2015. a request was made to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia for the protection of the right to a trial within a reasonable time (since no reason for our audit request was decided within a reasonable time). 11. June 2015. a decision was issued by the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, stating that the request for a trial was established within a reasonable time, which by a decision gives that court six months to issue a review decision and 28. December 2015. a request for payment of an appropriate remedy for a violation of the right to a trial within a reasonable time has been filed (this request has not been resolved to date and will be rejected because a review has been made in the meantime).