SeptemberFest opens Severina, Jole and Ivan Zak

This year's edition Rujanfest, a Zagreb event that will attract even 300 000 visitors every year, will be held during the two weekends, from 11.09. to 20.09. While the first weekend is open Severina and Jole, the day after the audience will light up popular Ivan Zak.

To open another weekend, 18.09., Is in charge of another female-male combination: Jelena rozga i Saša Matić. One of the most popular domestic performers, Ivan Zak will perform on Saturday 12. September at the central stage of SeptemberFest. The popular singer follows the voice of a great female female audience, and his performances show that they really are in the first ranks and passionately sing his songs. The audience will sing songs like "I'm Over" and "You Must Have Summer" in a voice with my singer, "Tattoos," "Better than the Best," "One in Line"

The second weekend of SeptemberFest will be an interesting blend of a female female audience, who rarely leaves her with her voice and numerous hit ballads indifferent with the popular Splićank, who will add to her atmosphere with her quicker songs. Saša Matić will sing his greatest hits like "Give It to Me for a Birthday", "Find A New Love", "Everyone has what it does not have", while Jelena Rozga will audition the audience with his hits "Biututerija", "Dobitna kombinacija", "Nirvana" , "Queen" and many others.