The Croatian History Museum in Zagreb has prepared for this year's edition of the Night of the Museum an exhibition program "45", which opens 29. February.

It is about the premier insight into the exhibition, in the space in which it is created, which has already aroused the great interest of the media and the general public, according to the announcement of the Croatian Historical Museum.

Visitors will be presented with an overview of key events and processes from 1945, which in the first half of the year covers the period of the Independent State of Croatia, and in the other Democratic Federation Yugoslavia and the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia.

The topics of military-political history, changes in socio-political and economic system, repression in war and defeat, and the area of ​​culture, art, theater, music, science, film will be presented.

Since these processes are intertwined with personal stories, at the Night of the Museum, visitors will have the opportunity to listen to the personal testimonies of the five people who marked and celebrated that year, announced by the Croatian History Museum.

About these times will be spoken by Lucija Borjan, Zdenka Sertić, Većeslav Holjevac, Zvonimir Majer and Vladimir Nazor, through the method of revitalized history, he adds.

Premiere will also feature parts of the "Fragments of Time" video produced by the Croatian Museum of History for the exhibition "45.", Which bring the memories of the living witnesses of their time, their descendants and those of the younger generations, that is, those who were not directly connected with the war .

In the exhibition area, the texts of several important writers, publicists and artists who are 1945 will be read. years, or later left written testimonies about this period. The texts will read Secret Peršić and Natko Jurdana.

Among other texts will be read "Survive in Zagreb: Day 1943-1945." Josip Horvat, "Zagreb 1945" Tille Durieux, "Book of Records" by Josip Vanište, letters from the fundrais of the Croatian Historical Museum Nastja Rojc and works by Radovan Ivšić Youth Club 1945, Corsican "Sun City" recitation, drama "Vodnik pobjednik" and songs from the "Tanke" collection.

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