Bosnia and Herzegovina does not meet the criteria for EU membership, and the block of 28 is far from consenting to take over to the former Yugoslav republic, diplomats in Brussels said on Wednesday after Sarajevo announced that next month they would apply for membership.

BiH will apply for EU membership 15. February, after receiving an invitation from the Netherlands currently chairing the European Union.

Politically decentralized along the ethnic lines of separation after the 90 war in which the 100.000 people were killed and still economically impoverished, BiH lags behind its Balkan neighbors on the road to joining the EU, Reuters writes.

Sarajevo is, however, determined to deliver its official request to 15. February, the day before the meeting of European ministers in charge of issues related to enlargement negotiations. There is a need for unanimous support for the adoption of the request.

Croatia's BiH Presidency member Dragan Covic said on Tuesday he would like to show "our clear determination to open EU membership negotiations, nothing more" by submitting a request.

Diplomats, however, claim that BiH has failed to implement all the reforms needed for membership and that EU members are still "far" away from agreeing to support any request, without which the Dutch Presidency will be difficult to put on the table.

In the progress report from November 2015. it clearly states that there is still a lot of work in this country since the change of the constitution, reform of the judiciary and the economy, to the fight against corruption, human rights protection and freedom of expression.

Brussels also urges that BiH, with a very complex matrix of authority in various areas, establish an effective, decision-making body in EU negotiations. The Union also urges BiH to adjust the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) from 2008. due to changes made to the union of Croatia Unije 2013.

BiH has so far had an SAA activated, and submitting a membership application is conditioned by an agreement on the Coordination Mechanism and the Adjustment of the Stabilization and Association Agreement in the part related to traditional trade, primarily related to Croatia.