48. The International Puppet Theater Festival - PIF will be held by 14. to 19. September in Zagreb, and in its official program will present thirteen performances from nine countries and provide public review of European, domestic and regional puppetry

This year's PIF equally represents three different tendencies in puppetry - repertoire performances demonstrating the skills of traditional puppetry, performances experimenting and extending the puppet form and the new trend of European theater - a play intended for the youngest audience to come to the theater for the first time. This year's PIF program editor Livija Kroflin points out that he will PIF to show the miracle of animated matter and the power of the animation theater in which animation is all but the most exhilarating souls may point to the unity of man, doll, grass and stone.

PIF will traditionally be announced 12. September through the town of Pifko, the gigantic mascot of the Pifko Festival will be held, as part of the accompanying programs will be held puppetry workshops for all ages, the third exhibition of children's works Doll, mask, PIF! (from 11.9 in EtnoArt Gallery) and a series of outdoor shows.

The festival will be open with a show Tutu the Dutch Theater Lichtbende, which will take us into the twenties of the last century with a distinctive combination of shadow theater, live theater, dance and music theater. Tutu is first of all a treat for the eyes and ears, but also a journey through the history of social and artistic dances in a turbulent period between the two world wars that will delight the audience of all ages and recall the memory of the earliest film production.

Successful collaboration of PIF and Art Academy in Osijek this year, we will be able to see their performance in the official competition of the festival for the first time. Under the mentorship of Maje Lučić and directed by Tamara Kučinović, UOAS will present our vision of Šimunović's long, which is recognized by the festival selector as a performance that can compete equally with professional productions. UAOS will also present us in the accompanying program AND TO BE PIF ... with as many as four performances (About Tolstoy and the lions and the deserted islands, Kuma death, Zlatokosa i Moonlight) in which they will present a variety of puppet expressions and animation skills as a pledge in a better puppet tomorrow.

This year's program is the film program of this year's PIF, which will include a series of puppet movies, including the cult films of Aardman Wallace and Gromit, but also the popular television series Radio Television Novi Sad Lutkomendija, whose screening is devoted to the author of this regional Muppet Show, recently deceased Milivoj Radaković.

Tickets for 48. PIF can be purchased in pre-sale 10. and 11. September at KUC in Travno. After 14. September you will be able to buy them in the halls of the hall where the plays are held. The show tickets will also be available through the web site http://www.pif.hr, where you can find the entire program of the festival.