Bulgarian authorities have arrested 125 foreigners in Sofia's capital because of illegal entry into the country without applying for asylum, and at the same time in Budapest migrants broke into the building of the main station after the police withdrew and occupied an empty train.

After two days of disabling entry into the main station, Hungarian police withdrew on Thursday morning and hundreds of migrants jumped into the train in the hope of traveling to the west in Austria or Germany.

From the newspapers they began to broadcast notices that the train is not moving anywhere, but the migrants from it do not want to leave. "Please please, the train from the 8 platform does not move, please leave it," he replied. Many have still been trying to get in the train with their kids through doors and windows, reports Reuters photographer.

Hungarian railways have announced that there are no trains to Western Europe, which was confirmed in Vienna by a spokesman for the Austrian police who said there are currently no trains running from Budapest to Vienna from the Hungarian railway station Keleti.

More than 2000 migrants camped in front of the Keleti station, which was closed for two days, arguing that the European Union was defending the journey without valid documents.

The withdrawal of the shelves from the station is not explained, but it coincides with the beginning of a parliamentary session discussing amendments to the laws that will impose stricter penalties for persons entering into Hungary illegally.

Influential lawmaker of the ruling party, Gergely Gulyas, said the amendments, which could be adopted this week, will reduce the number of liminal crossings to "zero" by the middle of September.

Bulgarian Interior Ministry Secretary General Georgi Kostov, after arrests of foreigners in Bulgaria on Wednesday evening, said that they would be questioned and might get the status of refugees. The Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday new measures aimed at illegal immigrants coming from Turkey.

Bulgaria has strengthened the police force at the border, set up cameras and motion sensors, and expands the fence that will cover the 160 cruise line with Turkey.

About 25 thousands of people have been applying for refugee stays in Bulgaria over the past two years, which corresponds to the number of requests filed in all the 20 years before that.