Due to suspicion of money laundering and terrorist financing The Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering last opened 444 cases last year, and 233 cases were forwarded to the authorities for further processing and processing, according to the annual report on the work of that office, which was approved by the Government on Thursday.

In 227 cases, however, it was suspected of money laundering, and for 6 cases of terrorist financing, the Office's annual report states.

The bank's office issued 32 blockades last year to carry out suspicious transactions in the amount of 21,1 million. According to the report, last year the Office issued a total of 22 orders to banks to temporarily stop suspicious transaction execution and also sent 10 proposals to foreign financial intelligence units for temporary postponement of execution of transactions abroad.

During 2014. he also sent 232 inquiries to 49 states for the purpose of obtaining foreign data needed to detect money laundering and terrorist financing, and received 74 queries from 26 states, also for exchange of information related to the detection of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Data on the number of suspicious transactions received shows that it is in 2014. received 698 notifications from all taxpayers (banks, etc.) about suspicious transactions, which is an increase from 20,97 percent relative to 2013. and the largest number of suspicious transactions received from 2009. years.

The largest number of suspicious transactions was reported by banks as a taxpayer last year and the share of the banking sector in the number of suspicious transactions in 2014. amounted to 86,2 percent. Second place by the number of suspected transactions is Croatian Post, according to the report.

It is also said that "the work of the Office is in 2014. marked progress in relation to the previous year, which is visible through a large number of open cases with suspicion of money laundering, a greater number of cases handed over by the Office to the relevant state bodies for further processing and prosecution, and through continuity in the blockade of suspicious transactions by the Office. "

Comparison works, Office is in 2013. opened 411 cases suspected of money laundering and terrorism financing, and 159 cases were forwarded to the relevant authorities and foreign offices for further investigation.

In order to prevent the use of the Croatian financial system, ie the financial system of the European Union for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing, the Office is also during 2014. continued to analytically process the collected suspicious transactions, which were submitted to it by banks and other payers.

So is Office and during 2014. Interactively cooperated in 117 cases with the police, DORH, USKOK, SOA and Financial Inspectorate and continued continuous and intensive cooperation in the area of ​​international data exchange with foreign financial intelligence units, including data related to tax crimes , is stated in the Annual Report on the Work of the Office for 2014. year.