The decision of Minister of Culture, Zlatko Hasanbegovic, on the shift of the Professional Committee for Non-Profit Media has caused great public reactions, but also different interpretations of politicians and public officials, some of whom think it is a "cultural revolution", while other optimists expect that Hasanbegović in his new job to change his current activist rhetoric.
"As it has been, this government, instead of the economic one, offers a cultural revolution," Hasanbegovic's move was an independent parliamentarian and President Drago Prgomet, while President of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art Zvonko Kusic optimistic about the new minister of culture whose the first public appearance impressed.

Numerous ruling and opposition politicians and public officials who supported the public health action "Mimozini dani" in Zagreb on the Cvjetni Square also commented on journalists of the first move by Minister Hasanbegović, but also on other current political topics, such as announcement of new employment in public administration and the formation of a Co-operation Council, oversight bodies and the promotion of co-operation in the implementation of the Agreement on Co-operation in the Reform Government.

Kusic impressed with Hasanbegovic's performance

Asked about the dismissal of the Nonprofit Media Expert Committee, Academician Kusić said he was not familiar with the case, but impressed by Hasanbegovic's first public appearance yesterday at the Academy.

"His speech was calm and restrained, he was impressive," he said.

He also warned that "our experience teaches how all ministers change rhetoric on a new duty. As activists, they could represent standpoints but represent all citizens in the ministerial function. This is always a good way to end in such a way that I would be optimistic in this case, "said the president of the HAZU, who is widely believed by the media to dramatize the situation around the new minister of culture.

Prgomet: This is a new cultural revolution

Contrary to Kusso, Drago Prgomet believes that a new cultural revolution is in action. "Hasanbegovic will evaluate his work. As it has been, this government, instead of economic, offers a cultural revolution, "Prgomet pointed out.

On a journalist's note, he also commented on announcing new employment in public administration, saying "this is a major reform effort because," he adds, "it's not easy to hire a thousand people".

"I testified that the ministers from the Mosta had asked for it. On the one hand, decisions are made that you will reduce the costs, salaries and expenditures of employees, on the other hand the number of employees in public administrations increases. Obviously every new government is experiencing power as a prey that needs to be shared, "Prgomet says.

He also stated that he obviously abandoned the most important reform that should be related to local government and self-government and that without this reform, no other will be able to spend.

Commenting on the formation of the Co-operation Council, he said that it was a "parallel decision-making system that would only hinder the work of the government, which has been difficult to make decisions about much simpler things than the ones that are just waiting."

Josipovic: The Ministry of Culture should not be the scene of ideological conflicts

Related to Hasanbegovic, former president of the country, Ivo Josipovic, said it would not be good for the Ministry of Culture to become the scene of ideological conflicts. "I can only want this to happen, and time will show whether the minister resisted that attack."

In his view, the money of the Ministry should get the media to turn to culture, human rights and science, because such media are usually not commercial and objective and necessary for society. "I do not think that only the media should be financed, but others," Josipovic said.

He also said that he was surprised by "the silence of President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović", who has not wanted to talk about a number of important issues lately. "I personally wonder what the president of my state is thinking about, for example, about the Traitor Register. I think she should not be silent about it, "Josipovic said.

As for the announcement of new employment in public administration, he said that "elementary mathematics speaks that one should refrain from increasing public administration".

Antičević-Marinović: New Power in Fear of Citizens

SDP Parliamentary Representative Ingrid Antičević Marinovic believes that the statements of the new minister of culture are worrisome, and more, he says, he is not alone in them. In her assessment, it is a coordinated action by which the ruling wants to solve all the critics. "A government that has just come to a position to run the state shows a great fear of its citizens, which shows that it is certainly not convinced in itself, in what it does, and especially in what it hides. I do not think citizens will allow it, they have already shown and encouraged, "she said.

To announce new employment in public administration, she said that instead of political flosks, a deeper analysis should be made and then see what is missing and whether it will be able to compensate it with the existing staff or new employment.

"It is paradoxical to have told us that we have not done anything, and now they see that they have got a decent situation, ministries. We have put in order, "said Antičević-Marinović, who expects there will be no revanchism under the ministries and that they will really start rewarding people who work and those who do not meet the standards that the government will thank for their work.

Kosor: Every government changes people

Different tones related to the case of Hasanbegović were heard from the ranks of the ruling, and HSLS MP Darinko Kosor stated that every new government and every new minister are changing people in their own line. "So it was before so now," he adds.

"Let's wait for the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Culture, which meets on Monday in 10 hours. Then the minister will explain his criteria to the parliamentary committee and the deputies, "Kosor said.

Regarding the new employment in public administration, it was categorical that "there will be no new employment" and if there is a need for new staff, they will be withdrawn from the agencies "which we have around 200." The coalition government announced that the number of agencies will halve, and there are a lot of expert people there, so why end up on the street, Kosor said.

He also dismissed the assessment that "the new government caused too much bullshit for a short while" and for Blackman's resignation, the Defense Minister said it was "just a sign of democracy and an indication that the new government was listening to public opinion." "Remember Zoran Milanovic. When he heard that-never. This government is listening, and Blacks have departed so that the government could deal with reforms, not with it. This is just a step in the democratic process, "Kosor said.

Commenting on a newly established Co-operation Council, he noted that it was not a parallel government, and such co-ordination, he said, existed even at the time of previous governments, under another name.

"Normally, the Council will not be above the government, ministers or prime ministers, it's the last and it will remain," Kosor said.

Asked who could be the new defense minister, he did not respond, but only suggested that the HDZ would propose a candidate for a new defense minister, and HSLS would not take part in those negotiations. "I expect this to be someone who was in the Homeland War, who was a defender, who knows the topic, but who also has political experience and knowledge to appear in the public," he pointed out.

Bandic: Kukuriku Coalition Hosts 4 to 5 Thousands of Party Conductors

Milan Bandic, whose party "Bandic Milan 365" has reached an agreement on a reform government, believes that new people in public administration should only be employed exceptionally, and for a possible shortage of personnel - "need to make reservations".

"My message is that the existing staff should be recruited, and I responsibly claim that the Kukuriku Colaicia has brought 4 to 5 thousands of party factions in the last four years. Let them hire and do their jobs, do not need to receive new people. There are more people in the administration between 15 to 20 percent. Along with them, you should employ 3 to 5 percent of the better people, to enhance the educational structure. This proved to be a winning combination in the City of Zagreb, "Bandic said.

The first moves of the new government, Bandic, seek understanding, and the Co-operation Council will increase decision transparency. "I invest tremendous confidence in the new president." He mentions that people who can not yet be found within the parties should be looked for in the labor market. It is important to be competent and not obedient. I have got five mandates thanks to such a policy, and I expect the sixth, "Bandic said.