Through measures from the implementation of the Strategy for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, 20 million kuna for hot meals for 17.500 children in elementary schools was secured, Minister of Social Policy and Youth Milanka Opacic said at Thursday's session.

She stressed that Croatia had received such a strategy for the first time in March last year and stressed that in a year since 78 measures were implemented, 56 was fully implemented.

Some of the measures have been supplemented, she added, pointing out that due to the increased inflow of funds from the Croatian lottery, money was provided for warm meals for children in schools, helping children in learning, and transporting elderly people in well-isolated areas.

From 1. September so, said Opačić, schools will be provided a warm meal for 17.500 children.

At a session, the government also issued a decision on the transfer of real property rights to Hostel Borovo in Vukovar to the Vukovar Homeland War Memorial Center.

The Hostel would be used for accommodation and nutrition of children who will be staying in Vukovar as part of the two-day visit of all 8 students. classes from Croatia during which they will be introduced to the values ​​of the Homeland War and the Battle for Vukovar.