The Workplace Front, which for itself says that a progressive political organization advocating not only for labor rights, but also for human, minority, sexual and other rights, is organizing today in 18: 30 hours on the Markov Square protest.

The announcement of the protest we have sent is done in full:

The "Traitor" Protest on Markova Square will be held on Monday. With regard to the burst of reactions that have arisen, it is clear what the protest is, but we will repeat again why we are considered "traitors" and why all other "traitors" are called to join us. "Trailers" we are:

-We do not want to live in a country where professional patriots are drafting lists of disadvantages, abolishing life partnerships, limiting the MPO process, destroying culture and (and barely existing) media freedom, while at the same time knowing what the plague of the whole society raises workers' rights , reduce wages and benefit corporations

- We do not want Karamarko to decide what we can talk about in the public

- we do not consider that they are professional "defenders" (and in reality a fascist battalion mercenary who protects HDZ's kleptocracy) the model and scale of everything in this country

- we think that the HDZ did not "create Croatia" ("accidentally" at the same time as the USSR and Czechoslovakia broke up) but robbed Croatia

- We believe that Franjo Tudjman was not "father of homeland" but autocratic, xenophobic and the bearer of ideas about "200 rich families"

-We do not think that, unfortunately, we have much to be proud of in this devastated, impoverished and robbed country

- we do not think that shouting "Croatia, Croatia ..." and holding the heart to the heart during the hymn can replace the shame we feel as we have to dig through the garbage or look at others as they are forced to do it while the privatization winners enjoy their castles and yachts

-We do not agree that hatred towards others and others is something positive

- we do not think the difference is bad or we hate anyone because he is a foreigner, a Serb, a Muslim, a LGBT, a leftist, a Yugoslavist, a "theist" ...

- We do not want the NDH sympathizers to be ministers of culture

- we want a society of solidarity, equality, social justice and tolerance, not hate society, exploitation and intolerance

The initiative for this protest was initiated and organized by the Workplace Front as a progressive political organization that advocates not only for labor rights, but also for human, minority, sexual and all other rights. However, this does not mean that the Workplace Front in any way absorbs this protest or that it is open only to those who agree with RF and otherwise agree to it - everyone who has something to say about the new government, either to agree with our reasons, whether they agree only with some of them or have some third reasons.

We all have a common goal - to express our disagreement with what the new government is doing, say direction, and who is in it! Everything else is much less important.

If you agree at least with a part of the statement and if you are not delighted with what the new power, the fascist lists and the "patriotism" say, come on Monday, 1. February at 18: 30h on Mark's Square to Protest!