If you're lucky in love, even if you're unlucky in love, if you still believe in love, even if you're disappointed, is there anything better than Valentine's Eve at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb? Namely, the new genius of the Philosophical Theater Eva Illouz, one of the most prominent sociologists of today, specializing in love.

Year 2009. the leading German daily newspaper was among the most prominent thinkers of 21. century, or proclaimed it to one of 12 thinkers who "pave the way of the future".

Eva Illouz was born in Fes, Morocco, while she spent most of her life in France. He is a visiting professor at the Northwestern and Princeton Universities, the Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences sociale de Paris and the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin. She is a full professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and from 2006. the first woman is the president of the prestigious Academy of Visual Arts and Bezalel in Jerusalem.

He is the author of several worlds of successes translated into 15 language, and with her first guest in Croatia, the publishing house Planetopija publishes two of her books Cold intimacy: How We Created Emotional Capitalism and Hard-Core Romance: Fifty Hands of Gray, Best-Sellers and Society.

After the conversation with Srećko Horvat, join us on a glass of champagne and at the Zagreb National Theater welcome the Day of the In Love!