Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Vesna Pusić announced that the government made the decision to run for the UN Secretary-General and hoped to be supported by President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

Pusić told reporters after a government session that the decision on this candidacy was within the government's authority and that the president did not formally attend, but that it was important and useful to have her support.

"She told me on two occasions that she considered that it would be very good for Croatia to have a candidate, that it was certainly a plus for Croatia. I hope, on the basis of our two talks on this subject, that the President will support me, especially during his visit to the New York General Assembly at the end of this month and at the beginning of next month when he will have the opportunity to speak to a number of foreign statesmen and presidents who will there to be there. "

Pusic said UN consensus was reached on 11. a resolution that will define the procedure for the election of the next Secretary General or UN secretary, which will vary somewhat from what has been so far.

Based on that resolution, the UN Security Council chairman and the president of the UN General Assembly will send a joint letter to invite member states to highlight their candidates.

It is also proposed to make a list of candidates by November, not only for candidacy, but for conducting talks with the candidates, which means that by December, not only the candidates should be highlighted, but also those who are candidates for the talks, he explained.

The final decision will be made on the basis of this shortlist, to be defined by December, and it is proposed to be somewhere this time next year. The mandate for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expires in December 2016.

So far, the procedure was such that the members of the Security Council considered all the proposals, decided for one and sent it to the General Assembly, which then accused the UN Secretary General of the UN. It is now a proposal that potential candidates have the opportunity and obligation to present themselves to the General Assembly and, among other things, present their views on the functioning of that institution in the upcoming period, Pusić said.

He pointed out that an informal agreement was reached and that for the first time a candidate or candidate from the Eastern European group would be sought. As she said, the regional groups are defined after the Second World War and are somewhat archaic, but the group has so far not been given by the UN chief man.

In her words, the procedure for selecting the Secretary General is very complicated, and the very fact that someone is a candidate does not mean that she will be elected, but gives the countries where the candidates come to gain "greater visibility".

"Despite all the formal and informal criteria and preferences mentioned, it is quite clear that every candidate, and so I consider his candidacy, is on a very long stick," Pusić said, adding that he was more likely to miss than it will be chosen.

"But in the procedure itself Croatia has the opportunity to present itself in this selection process. The country gets much greater visibility and has a candidate who, in my opinion, will not embarrass the country in that presentation. If at the end of the whole procedure we succeed in choosing, it would be quite remarkable and fantastic, but as far as I'm concerned, I think it's a big deal and I will do absolutely everything in the process itself because it is for us too, "Pusić said.