Cedevita Cedevita hosts Athens Panathinaikos at KC Dražen Petrović in 19 on Thursday (6 hours). This group of Top 16 Phases Eurolige, for which coach Veljko Mršić will not be available to Luka Babic for foot injury.

"Babic is important, the player with the greatest time, our third shooter, another jumper, another assistant. It's a pity he does not have in these games coming to us in the next two weeks, "Veljko Mršić said on Tuesday at a press conference in the House of Basketball at Velesajma.
Babic's absence is not the only problem that Mršić is fighting because after the match with Mega Leks, Nemanja Gordić, who has not been in training for two days, has become ill.
We will have to look for other solutions in the outer line. It is also an opportunity for others to impose, "Mršić said on the eve of the most demanding European club in this century, which after the five wins of the second Euroliga stage with the same effect as the Croatian champion, with two wins and three defeats.
Given the group's consistency and the desire of Cedeviti's basketball players and leaders to keep up the fight for the first four places in the quarter-finals, the match against Panathinaikos gets even more important.
"All the games are important, especially domestic. It is harder for the guests to win, though it does not really apply to us, given that we are better off outside. But it's important to defend a home base, "said experienced James White, one of the few Mršić basketball players who knows how to play against Panathinaikos.
"It was long ago, I mean while I was playing for Fenerbahce. I remember only the athena drums and we lost both games. "
Mršić also spoke about the importance of the match against Serbia's coach Aleksandar Đorđević from this season.
"The Top 16 placement is a big thing, but we can now fight for the quarterfinals. I do not agree with the approach that we have nothing to lose. Everything is important to us, and this is against a direct rivals that does not come at a good time, "Cedevitian coach said and offered a formula for success against the Greek team.
"From the start we have to be firm, play very good defense with lots of energy, not to let them spoil. They have a lot of good individuals and each one has room to settle the game. We must try to speed up the game between defensive and offensive. If we succeed in doing so, we will see, "concluded Mršić.
Dedicated to Cedevita and Panathinaikos in KC Dražen Petrović scheduled on Thursday, starting at 19 hours

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