The Varaždin police completed the investigation, and the detention supervisor handed over eight men charged with selling drugs for a long time, and weapons were found in their premises with forbidden opiates.

It is about men from the age of 19 to 57 years who are suspicious of the police, besides the unauthorized production and trafficking of drugs, in order to facilitate the consumption of drugs and the unauthorized possession, production and procurement of weapons and explosives.

100 grams of amphetamine, several bottles of methadone, 60 Xanax tablets, 102 Suboxone tablets, Indotecain 60 capsules, larger amounts of unknown drug designed for drug preparation, multiple cell phones, revolver, seven tiny trophies, 10 hand grenades and nine detonator caps.

"Plantations with planted 27 herb-like plant-like plants are also found," said the police.

According to an official statement, a criminal investigation found that "from February to September this year, continually, each other and various consumers in the city of Varaždin sold various drugs and allowed them to consume drugs in the 57 year-old's apartment."