The German Grand Prix and recent adversary of the Munich Champions League, Bayern Munich, donated a million euros to help refugees, and announced the opening of a training camp for those to be accommodated in Munich.

"It is our social responsibility to help those unlucky people. We need to help the children. women and men who are fleeing from their homes and suffering, "said Bavarian club Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Bayern will also open a children's camp through its football academy, in cooperation with the city of Munich, which will provide children with free food and a German language school. It was also agreed on Bayerna's next league game at Allianz Arena 12. September against Augsburg with the first team of Bavarians on the lawn trotters and migrant children.

"Bayern is a socially aware club and thanks for that. We've been happy to get involved in their project, "said Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter.

Police in Munich announced that only on Wednesday at the main city station arrived around the 1,000 refugee. It is expected that this year around 800.000 people will apply for asylum in Germany, which is four times more than last year.