After the song "Will They Wait", the Zagreb rock band S3ngs presents its new single "Only Solar" in its already recognizable indie-pop-rock style, yet with the addition of syntheva which are novelty in their music.

"It's only a solar song that describes the classic life of a young man struggling with bad jobs, hierarchies, bureaucracies, mediocritys and geographical latitudes on which he lives. It is not a social theme but a life anecdote, a dash, a universal city spike ", they announce from the band.
As always, S3ngsi are surprised by the new singles that emerge from their own frames and announce even greater moves to each of the following songs.

This extremely rhythmic singing with a refrain that has long remained in his ears was recorded by Franjo Heršak in the Runaways studio in Zaprešić, while Miks worked on Srđan Sekulović Skansi and mastered Smokva. Interesting videospot is Roberta Mužara's, Runaways Productions.

S3ngsi will soon celebrate the big anniversary, ten years on stage, on which will release a new album by the end of the year.