Thirty activists of the Living Wall on Thursday, in front of the Zagreb Bank in Savska Street, supported spouses Ivanko and Zlatko Marinović and their daughter, who since birth was a 100-year-old invalid in a wheelchair, where the bank is threatened with eviction from the only home, the apartment in Lanište, bought by the investor who received the money he did not redirect the bank.

Vice President of the Living Wall Ivan Vilibor Sincic told reporters that the family paid his apartment to the investor, but he did not pay the bank.

"The bank is not interested in what happened, but simply goes to the family and has no courage to blame the investor. It is about the insensitivity and arrogance of the Zagreb Bank. This family is the only home and we will defend them, "said Sincic.

Ivanka Marinovic told reporters that the apartment was purchased in February by 2010. for about 560.000 kuna in cash from FKT from Ivanić Grad, represented by Director Tomi Tadic. In article 6. The Real Estate Purchase Agreement states that "the seller commits to 10. May 2010. obtain a corrective statement of the Zagreb Bank necessary to delete the said pledge. "

Marinovic said that since then it has been a court dispute, so it is not clear to them that the Zagreb bank may be thrown out of a flat for which the court dispute has not yet been completed.

Family Marinovic received letter from Zagrebačka banka in August, in which they are threatened by the execution of a custodial loan on a pledged real estate if it is up to 31. October does not pay 46.000 Euro.

In letter Zaba reminds that as a real estate buyer was aware that there is a registered mortgage of Zagrebačka banka on the property in question, which is also apparent from the Real Estate Purchase Agreement.

The family could protect their interest and request a letter from Zagrebacka Bank's intention to issue a brutal statement, but it failed to do so, according to the letter.