Part of the members of the Croatian Peasant Party (AHSS) party fired on Thursday from the announced signing of a coalition agreement with the SDP and requested an emergency session of the highest party bodies or the resignation of President Stanko Grcic and Secretary General Alojz Horvat.

At a press conference at Holiday Hotel, Forty members of AHSS, including some of the party's leaders, have said Grcic and Horvat for "falsifying, scams and crime." According to their statements, they published a falsified and inaccurate minutes of the Presidency's session on the website of the party, stating that the SDP oral proposal on joint co-operation in the parliamentary elections was accepted.

"Such a decision has not been made, we are looking for the president's responsibility and we will file criminal reports for lying the record," said Deputy Speaker Jurica Šoić.

They are sorry for Greece and ignored the offerings that came to them from the HDZ, the Living Wall, Milan Bandic's party and Reformist Radimir Cacic. "Grcic spoke only with the SDP, who did not offer us almost anything orally, and did not want to talk about other official offers, although HDZ offered us two to three prominent seats in Parliament and Lives Wall more," he said Šoić.

He also argued that a poll was conducted in the field against which SDP coalition against 80 to 90 percent of membership was conducted.

"I am a Catholic and a believer and I will not be miserable with me," said one of the founders and vice-president of Joško Kovač.

The congregants complained and how, due to the recent events, the Croatian Democratic Party of Peoples, with whom they had signed an agreement, canceled their cooperation. "If the SDP and Milanovic knew who they were signing, they would never do it because it was without a valid decision by the party," said Deputy Speaker Jasenko Stipac.

The president of AHSS Grcic said today through the media that he did not intend to resign, that the ruling on the coalition with the SDP was adopted unanimously, and that there were written statements by most members of the Presidency, and that some later changed the other thing.