The hits of last night's evening in Vukovar were the Serbian film depicted on the Berlinale in Panama and the costume of Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert.

Long time in the night they danced at the sightings of the sevdens kings Mostar sevdah reunited on the terrace of Golubica malla.

Today, at 11h, at the new location of the Vučedol Culture Museum, on the French film Explosion of the Secret Pyramid, with a lecture by Danijela Rafaelić's film historian on the subject of Egyptology. The train that drives for Vučedol moves in front of the Danube Hotel in 10h.

Today, on the program of the documentary section in Cinestar, is the order of the Croatian documentary A lost button that illuminates the mystery of the mysterious death of the drummer of the Ipet Ivandic White Button.

Then a short Hungarian doku comes from a wicker casket of an old man who creates his own coffin.

The evening is on the terrace of the Waterways Agency reserved for the Pulaski laureate Cherry Names, Branka Schmidt's film with Ivo Gregurevic in the title role. Schmidt and Gregurevic will greet viewers in Vukovar. The latest film was given by a laureate from Sundance's Country-less Country, with Michael Fasbender in the main role.

While filming in this year's Vukovar film festivals last. On the Danube Scenario Workshop, the synopsis of potential films is elaborated, an animated film is produced at the Stop animation workshop, and the Festival Workshop runs a full range of blank paper to finished film.

The projections are also on the exotic location of the Vukovar ade where you can watch movies from the European Grand Five, the Viking invasion and the Europo opening.