Former star of the "Baywatch" series, Canadian Pamela Anderson, arrived on Thursday to the far east of Russia to invite the domestic elite to fight the hunt for the whales.

"I wanted to visit this country to talk to the mighty leaders about environmental issues," said an actress invited to the economic forum in Vladivostok, the capital of the Russian province of the Far East.11350785_1619918961593192_1733140982_n 11910057_992968894094283_820809741_n 11875516_1517852895172811_1676625564_n 928843_1734792150075267_1952853145_n 11909206_1628756597408666_106978831_n

Earlier in Russia, the 48-year-old actress sent a letter to Vladimir Putin who is currently visiting China.

"President Putin, you can stop this illegal trade (...) Your decision can stop unnecessary whale slaughter," said Anderson, a member of the US Animal Protection Association PETA.

Dressed in a short black dress, Anderson, whom the Russian media calls "the sex symbol of the economic forum," met with Russian environmental minister Sergei Donskoj.

"I'm a canadian and a bit of a Russian," she pointed out to the number of cameras she watched during her visit to wildlife photography exhibitions.

This visit to Vladivostok helped me understand how "Russia is an open country and how many people are involved in nature protection here," she said.

Combined with the fight against hunting, Anderson, who has long since replaced his famous swimsuit for animal protection activism, has also participated in the anti-fur coat campaign by which Russians are enthusiastic.

It also promotes vegetarianism and fights against the wearing of fur and skin and against animal testing.