The Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia confirmed that the former Minister of Culture Andrea Zlatar Violić (HNS) was in conflict of interest, that is, that he had abused his discretion when the Autogram was awarded by the 70.000 kuna, for which reason the Commission for the Decision on Conflict of Interest was punished by six thousand kuna.

The Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia has rejected Zlatar Violic's request to annul the Commission's decision to have been in conflict of interest and to pay a fine of six thousand kuna, two thousand kuna for three consecutive months.

It is the Court's assessment that the Commission did not make a mistake when it found that Zlatar Violić misused the special rights of officials. The Court, as well as the Commission, does not contest the right of the minister to decide on discretion, but argues that it should not extend the framework given by the public tender, which is for new media projects 2014. three grants from the 70.000 kuna, and not four as the former minister decided later, should be paid.

Zlatar Violić awarded Autograph's support portal from the 70.000 kuna, although the Professional Commission for Nonprofit Media did not include among the winners of the announced public competition.

Subsequent extension of the number of users, the minister justified a small point difference between Autograph and other media supported by the Commission. She also pointed out that her decision did not cover the total amount that was allocated to non-profit media that year. But its arguments neither the Commission nor the Court accepted it.

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