First Deputy Prime Minister and HDZ President Tomislav Karamarko said on Saturday in Konavle that he is firmly behind the culture minister of Zlatko Hasanbegovic and will not allow the opposition to shift the media through the media to the ministers of the Domestic Coalition and also emphasizes the Prime Minister's signing of the resignation of Dragan Lozancic from the forehead SOA is expected in the next few days.

Answering journalists questions after the 26 celebration. the anniversary of the establishment of the HDZ in Konavle, Karamarko said that Hasanbegović is not the greatest asset to the Government. "Why would he be a burden to the government, we stand behind him and his statements. He started with Black, he continued with Hasanbegović. Who is next, what is the threshold of tolerance for us to shift the opposition through the media to ministers. Not to be considered, this is the line behind which we do not retire, "Karamarko said.
Karamarko responded to the journalist question and said there would be a lot of oversight in the SOA, as there were indications of irregularities in the work of the service, and he stressed that it would be time to show how Lozancic all ways violated the law.
He also stressed that he disagreed with his colleagues from Mosta, who believe that the National Security Board should discuss the resignation of Dragan Lozancic before it was signed by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic.
"Mrs Kolinda Grabar Kitarović said that she no longer trusts Mr. Lozancic and that story has ended around that part. Shift confirmation is expected in the next few days. The prime minister took the time to study the whole case, which is legitimate, "he said.
"I condemn the outbreak against Pupovac"
Asked for comment on the letter of the MP and President of the Serbian National Council, Milorad Pupovac, in which he pointed out that intolerance had reached the level he had not experienced in the war years, and that people were saying that the Chetnik Karamarko replied that he was opposed to all inculturation to anybody.
"I condemn such a phenomenon, it is non-culture. Mr. Pupovac must be aware that he as a member of a national minority is not endangered and has maximum rights. We appreciate our fellow Serbs and work with them and do not make any difference between Serbs, Croats, Czechs, Slovaks etc. There are always some individuals here, but Mr. Pupovac may sometimes be unsettled in some statement. I still condemn such unsubstantial statements, "Karamarko said.
"HRT is in function of one party, Radman should go"
Asked whether the announcement of the resignation of HRT chief of staff, he noted that the resignation of Goran Radman from the forefront of HRT is not a clean-up in public administration. "I'm not happy with the public service we all pay for. That television is in function of a party and in the function of the destruction of political cooperation between the Bridge and the HDZ. Mr. Radman needs to leave and this structure must begin to behave professionally, objectively, not fanciful, "he said.
Asked about the possible testimony in Germany's video link, Karamarko said the service expressed the opinion that it would not be good for him, as the former leader, to testify because the opinion on the document for which a SOA employee had been summoned has already been called.
Asked by this Government in the south of Croatia, and with the settlement of the question of Prevlaka and the Peljesac Bridge, Karamarko replied that Dubrovačko-neretvanska county was a priority.
"The Peljesac Bridge is a priority of priority and we are going to build a bridge. We need to solve the issue of Prevlake with our neighbors as soon as possible, "Karamarko said.
Asked about the possible change of the highway route Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik Airport, given that the mayors of Konavle and Župa dubrovačka on several occasions unsuccessfully sought the relocation of that route, Karamarko said that this should be consulted with experts.
"In any case you have to know that Croatian south and this county are too important and that they are strategically priceless for Croatia and that much will be invested right here," Karamarko said.
Tuđman will get a monument in Zagreb, some squares and streets will change names
In his speech at the celebration of the anniversary, Karamarko announced that Dr. Franjo Tudjman will get a big monument in Zagreb, stressed that the Zagreb Airport will be called by the first Croatian president and announced the change of names of some streets and squares.
Criticizing the SDP's authority, he said that in their mandate 93 thousands of Croats had left this country only in Germany, and that the number of Croats, for example, in Northern Ireland was such that the Catholic Church had to send a priest who could hold it there.
He reiterated that there are indications that voter votes were "oddly numbered" in the election night, and that he was "looking for the 26 or the 38 seconds" when he wanted the Bridge not to be prime.
"My withdrawal as your president backward was good at that moment for Croatia. All was supposed to make the communists leave the government, "Karamarko said.
He pointed out that the Croatian economy and agriculture are scattered because one group of people should enrich themselves.
"Croatia has to stop importing food through 7-8 years and to start using what Croatia has," he said.