Italian footballers beat Malta 1-0 taking the lead in front of Croatia in the Group H qualification for the 2016 European Championship placement. years.

Italy has been tortured for a long time and is only in 77. minute managed to break the rival bunker. The striker for three important points was Graziano Pelle in 69. minutes.
With identical result, Norway defeated Bulgaria in Sofia and completely complicated the situation in our group. A decision was made by Vegard Foren in 57. minutes.
Italy is now running 15 points, Croatia has 14, and Norway in third place has 13 points. Much will be clearer on Sunday when Croatia is visiting Oslo.

In group A Island, he practically secured plasma at EURO, winning in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1-0. The great goalkeeper of the Icelandic team was Gylfi Sigurdsson from an elbow to 51. minutes. The host is from 33. minute played with a player less after Martins India was turned off. It was the first domestic defeat of 'plowing' in EP qualifiers after the 48 match.

The Czech Republic is also closer to France. Though Kazakhstan has led to Prague to 74. minute, the host scored two goals in the last 15 minutes and entered the win. Guests have moved to 21. minute goal Juri Logvinenka, and the encounter was turned by double striker Milan Škoda (74, 86).
Turkey was killing 1-1 against Latvia. The host was brought to 77. minute goalscorer Selcuka Inana, and Latvija equalized in referee substitution, and the shooter was Valerijs Sabala.
On the ladder takes the Island with 18 points, the Czech Republic has 16, and the Netherlands 10 points. Following are Turkey (9), Latvia (4) and Kazakhstan (1).

Steps to EP are also Wales that won the Cyprus 1-0. A decision was made by Gareth Bale in 82. minutes.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has moved to Brussels in Brussels, but then lost 1-3. BiH has taken Edina Džeke's goal into 15. minute, no host turned to the finish of the first half and the shooters were Fellaini (23) and De Bruyne (44). The victory over Belgium was confirmed by Eden Hazard in 78. minute from a single shot.
Israel has undoubtedly beat Andor 4-0. On the ladder of the group leads Wales with 17 points, Belgium has 14, and Israel 12 points. The fourth is Cyprus with nine points, and BiH has eight points, Andorra is the last with no points.