And last Saturday, the Zagreb club Moon was filled with R & B, salsa and pop rhythms. The music was released by the renowned Zagreb DJ, MC and TV manager, otherwise the club's resident Moon, Emilio Dalbello, who was all present at the dance without ceasing. Beautiful hostess club Moon, at the entrance, shared the sponsorships of evening patrons, condoms, lubricants and tablets for pleasure, which was delighted by all visitors. Moon club Zagreb has truly been doing Anti-Valentine Singles party memorabilia.

From the famous faces there was also the most famous Croatian pregnant girl, model Aleksandra Grdic in the company of friends, designer Nikola Popovic. Although in 4. the month of pregnancy, she can not spend her Saturday without going to a favorite Zagreb nightclub.

"I do not drink alcohol, so I'm on the juices when I get out. Over the week, I'm a lot sleepy and I've been eating since I'm in this moody state, but over the weekend I like to get out to my favorite Moon club and relax on the side of urban music. After the last trip to Belgrade on the show Params, folks can not really hear, "said the former Mississippi in 4. the month of pregnancy.

Alex and Nikola left the club in the early days, and Moon's party lasted until morning ...