With the strike of Marek Kvapila in the second minute of the extension Medvescak in his fifth annual KHL performance in front of 5000 spectators in the Ice Hall mastered Dinamo from Riga with 2-1 (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-0) and with 11 points hit the top of the West Conference ladder.

Medveščak moved to 28. minute when Stefano Giliati in the crowd in front of Eriksson managed to plunge into the Latvian network for the first Medvescak goal with more players this season. Numerous advantage over ice is still a good bear, but in this match it worked great defense when the guests had one, and even two more players.

The first half of the last third was completely attributed to Medveščak. Worn out with loud support from the 'bears', they hit the goal of Dinamo, but they did not manage to go past an excellent goalkeeper Eriksson. In the midst of the Medveščak attacks, he fought against the visiting team at 52. minutes by Andris Džerinš. The networks are up to the 60 expiration date. minutes did not shake, so for the third time this season the visiting team from the Sports Hall took at least one point. There are others on it. In the second minute, he extended the situation with the player more, "four out of three" took advantage of Marek Kvapil and brought another point that pushed Medvescak to the top of the West Conference of KHL.

After five domestic matches from the 15 maximum of 11 points, the Zagreb Armored Forces follows a series of three appearances that will start on Sunday, 6. September, in Bratislava against Slovan.