The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the Department of Archeology and Ethnology of the Croatian Matic invite you to the lecture by Igor Uranic: WHO WERE THE EGYPTIANS - Knowledge and prejudice about the Pharaonic age.
The lesson deals with old Egypt in the mind of the average man and the difference between the more recent scientific discoveries and the well-known texts about the age of the book in textbooks and popular literature. How did they live, how did they build monumental buildings, the origin of the Egyptians, and what mistakes do they survive to this day? What stereotypes have repeated for centuries about the Egyptians? How do we know what we know about Pharaoh Egypt?

Igor Uranic was born 1960. in Zagreb. He studied Egyptology at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, where he obtained a master's degree in Egyptology (MA) at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb as a master of the profession of Egyptology. From 1993. to 1996. he worked as a journalist for the Evening Book. From 1996. is employed at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb at the curator-egiptologist, now acts as a museum advisor and from 1999. leader of the Egyptian department. In addition to numerous scientific, scholarly and professional works and participation in international conferences, he has organized and led the exhibition of gods, ghosts and demons of ancient Egypt 1999, Pharaonic Renaissance 2006, and Secret Mummy 2010. and Mummy: Science and Myth 2011. He is a co-author of the project Croato-Aegyptica Electronica. He is the author of three books of the Sons of the Sun, Old Egypt and the Lives of Egyptians and museum monographs of Aegyptiaca Zagrabiensia 2006, and a co-author of the book Staroipipat language: grammar, letter and linguistic introduction. Along with museum courses and schools, he also teaches the Old-Georgian language and script of this cultural course at the Philosophical Faculty in Zagreb.

Thursday, 18. February 2016. in 19: 30
Great Hall of the Croatian Matica, Strossmayer Square 4, Zagreb