Director of the State Radiation and Nuclear Safety Department Saša Medaković confirmed on Friday that Hini found unreported nuclear material at the Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB) in Zagreb, but said there was no room for panic as the warehouse was repaired and supervised material.

Medakovic points out that the Institute had started two years ago to systematically solve the problem of storage of radioactive material, which is said to be neglected by full 50 years. Legislation and a qualified inspection service were created, and the first step was to oversee the warehouse at IRB at the end of 2013. "The results of the inspection were devastating, so we went to repair the warehouse. It was conducted in late July and early August, confirming the suspicions that the warehouse is in poor condition and that it contains nuclear material that is not reported, "Medakovic said.

He stressed that the final report of the monitoring was not over yet, so he could not speak about the details of the findings, and that the Institute, once it had received the report, would resubmit the IRB for inspection, establish a new state after the rehabilitation and impose the necessary measures.

Although he agrees that nuclear material is not located in the center of the city, Medakovic points out that there is no room for panic, as the material is under regulatory control and ready to be transported to a nuclear waste disposal center when this center is licensed.

Večernji list reported on Friday that a nearly 400 kilogram of uranium was found in the remediation of a neglected warehouse at the IRB, which was not deployed in the official mandatory nuclear material records and kept without special security measures to protect against radiation and theft.

They say that it is so called. A "yellow cake", a purified concentrate of uranium ore, which is uranium oxide, which is converted into nuclear fuel through enrichment. The radiation level in the warehouse was higher than allowed, and the contamination was released into the environment.