German police said on Friday that five people were injured in a fire that went off in a refugee shelter in Heppenheim, West Germany, Hesse, Reuters reports.

There are no direct indicators of how the flames occurred. Germany, which expects the influx of refugees and migrants to be quadrupled around 800.000 this year, has reported more than 100 firefighting in asylum refugees over the last few months.

"One person who tried to rescue jumping out of the window from the second floor was severely injured," the police said in a statement.

Four people are more easily injured than smoke poisoning, he says. More than 60 refugees from countries like Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Ethiopia are located on three floors of a residential building.

"The fire went off quickly. According to the first findings, the fire came out behind the front door for unknown reasons, "he adds, adding that the police and state attorney's office began investigating the cause of the fire.