Hungarian and Polish officials warned on Friday that Europe threatens millions of migrants if ignorant of the causes of a refugee crisis and Europe does not protect its borders.

The migratory river that goes to Europe is infinite and if the European Union does not protect its borders can reach tens of millions of new ones, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

"The reality is that Europe is threatened by huge influx of people, many tens of millions of people could reach Europe," he told the state radio. "Now we are talking about hundreds of thousands, but next year we will talk about millions and there is no end."

"Suddenly we will see that we have become a minority in our own continent," he said, urging Europe to "show strength in protecting its borders."

Europe has to deal with the causes of migrants' arrival and not just concentrate on how to divide them between countries, as it will soon face millions, Foreign Minister of Greece Grzegorz Schety warned.

"Migrant smugglers are huge and we can not focus, and we are talking about, Europe as a whole, on distributing illegal migrants without having to deal with the causes of their arrival," Schetyna told Radio Zet.

"We need to think how to stop illegal immigration. Otherwise, we will soon have three to four million economic refugees, "he said.

Hungary has built a wire fence for Serbia and has announced that it will also do so at the border to Croatia.

He also announced that he would, if necessary, engage the military at the borders, and is preparing to bring laws that will harshly punish illegal entry into the country.

On Monday, Hungary allowed several trains with migrants to go to Austria, but then suspended them. On Thursday, the train in which migrants broke into Budapest missed the 40 mile of distant Bicske where it was stopped.

About 500 migrants refused to go to the reception center in that area and the intervention police surrounded the train and tried to take some.

Migrants, mostly from Syria, boarded the train after two days of waiting at the Keleti railway station, which they were not allowed to enter as long as the police did not retreat without explanation on Thursday morning. Around the station there are still thousands of refugees hoping to continue their journey.

Migrants from the train in Bicske refuse the food and drinks offered to them by the police and ask them to continue their journey to Austria.

Those who refuse registration are faced with the possibility of exiting from Hungary and returning to the country from which they crossed the border.

Most arrived in Hungary via Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.