On the Banjo Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb and in front of the Rijeka City Library on Sunday, a commemorative clock was set up and presented, which began officially to the beginning of the European University Games, which will be from 12. to 26. July, held in Zagreb and Rijeka.

At this largest multi-sport event in the history of the Republic of Croatia, more than five thousand students will be taking part - an athlete from the 250 university from 45 European countries.

In Zagreb, ceremonies were inaugurated by Minister of Science, Education and Sports Predrag Šustar, Mayor Milan Bandić, Rector of the University of Zagreb Damir Boras and President of the European University Games Zrinko Čustonj, while at the same time in Rijeka, Mayor Vojko Obersnel initiated an hour with the Vice President of the University of Rijeka Snježane Prljić Samardžija and Vice President of European University Games Haris Pavletić.

The presentation of the new attractions of the two cities and the big countdown to the beginning of the biggest sports and academic event in the Republic of Croatia was an opportunity to present the official mascots of the University Games - hamster Hrki, to the athletes, citizens and volunteers in Rijeka and Zagreb.

Students of the athletes will compete in Zagreb and Rijeka in 21 sport - badminton, bridge, golf, judo, karate, basketball, three to three basketball, soccer, small football, volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, rugby 7, handball, , table tennis, tennis, chess, taekwondo, water polo and rowing, and in two sports, swimming and table tennis, competitions will also be held for students with disabilities. This is a significant advance compared to the previously held ESI in Cordobi 2012. and Rotterdam 2014. when competitions were held in 10 Sports and attended by 3000 student athletes.

ESI is an excellent opportunity to renew the sports infrastructure that will be used by all citizens of Zagreb and Rijeka, and furthermore, for ESI needs, renewed accommodation facilities have been renewed in student homes Stjepan Radić and Cvjetno naselje in Zagreb while the student campus in Rijeka was built brand new accommodation facilities that significantly increased the student standard.

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