The Zagreb nightclub Moon and this Saturday were full of beauties that dazzled the looks of all those present. Since it was full moon, Moon club has been producing the Full Moon Party, this time with a neon glow. So the beautiful hostesses were already sharing the Neon necklaces and bracelets at the entrance to the club, which seemed to be extremely effective under Moon lighting, otherwise the very best light system in the city. In the dark were the special Neon Showgirls from FIRST Entertainment, which featured even the 8 releases attracted the attention of a full-fledged club.

Like every weekend, the Moon club Zagreb overwhelmed a large number of beauties, and there were some famous people from public life. In the common nighttime at the Moon club, models and former missions of Kristina Lumbar and Aleksandra Grdić, reporter and PR Edi Kiseljak, designer Nikola Popović and the 2005 World Tourism Manager, were introduced. and a former mannequin, and today an actor with a New York address, Phillip Kleva.

Phillip Kleva is 2010. married in New York for dark-tailed American Lashawn, replacing his word address with the American. Most of the year lives in New York and Miami, and only a couple of months spent in the birthplace of Rijeka. With a friend and former co-worker from the watercourse, Kristina Lumbar came to Zagreb, where they agreed to go out with Aleksandr Grdic and they set off to launch the Moon club this night.

"We had to see our beloved Alex in the blissful state. It looks beautiful and radiates beauty, "said Phillip and Kristina, commenting on Alexandria's pregnancy.

"We know it's hard for her to drink water, but every her honor in the discipline, we've given us a bit of anxiety ..." said Christina and Phillip, while Alex, laughing, said, "I'm already used to ..."

"I like Moon, beautiful interior, great sound, great light system, music, and full of wonderful people. I certainly recommend the Moon club for a boom in Zagreb, "said Phillip, who returned to Rijeka after a burning weekend and started working on new wins.

At one moment, designer Nikola Popovic tried to dance on the rods, which resulted in a number of girls coming to an interest. All in all, the Zagreb club Moon once again has a great party with all the present, and on Friday and Saturday it brings the talk they will talk about for a long time.