Thirty-three migrants fled Friday morning from the Hungarian reception center located in Roszke near the Serbian border, police announced, while five hundred still remain at a station near Budapest and departed refusing to leave.

"According to estimates, 300 illegal migrants fought the Rosnese migration fence around 11,30 hours, in two waves, and ran to the M5 motorway," the police said in a statement, explaining that measures had been taken to catch them.

Police say it halted traffic on the highway to catch migrants, and TV shows show the special police surrounding the camp.

The Roszke reception center receives about 1.500 migrants who are caught mostly after the crossing of the Serbian-Hungarian border.

At the same time, around 500 migrants hailing from the Austrian province are still at a train station near Budapest on Friday morning, almost 24 hours after they have refused them by the Hungarian police to a migrant camp.

They refuse food and drink, police say, and just want to continue their journey to Western Europe, hoping to get to Germany and other rich European countries and seek asylum there.

Migrants, mostly Syrians, boarded a train in Budapest on Thursday afternoon, after spending at least two days in the Hungarian capital because there was a police bail for a further trip. Their train was stopped on the way to Sopron, on the Hungarian border with Austria, only 40 miles west and migrants were ordered to go out to register what they did not want, because Hungary would be responsible for their asylum application.