The Society for Promotion of Science and Critical Thinking Calls for Another 'Skeptics in the Pub' on Friday, 26. February from 18 to 21 watch at the Sax Club!

We make their call in full:

Join us on the new 'Skeptics in the Pub' and listen to what our lecturers have to say about three new themes. The public has been eagerly awaiting the news of approving the use of medical marijuana, and it is often an almost miraculous drug for many diseases. What is the objective state of affairs about cannabis use for medical purposes, Vladimir Trkulja tells us. On a number of questions we are looking for today's answer using Google, and sometimes these issues relate to our health - a newborn nod, a mood or a pain. Why do some of us outraged by results, why some people are too concerned about the impact of new technology on our health behavior, explains Nataša Jokić Begić. Tomislav Perko will share with us the last beer to share his experiences of alternative ways of traveling, to describe how he has traveled the world without the kuna in his pocket and perhaps inspired somebody to pack his suitcases and move his footsteps.
Skeptics in the pub are informal gathering of people who love science, critical thinking, and interesting lectures, and we invite you to join us on Friday, 26. February at the Sax club! (Palmotićeva 22 / 2, Zagreb).

Lecturers and Topics

1. Medical Marijuana - Vladimir Trkulja
2. Googlah, I saw, both - Natasa Jokić-Begić
3. How to travel the world almost free - Tomislav Perko