In a survey conducted on more than one 420 respondent portal, EduCentar investigated whether student graduates were postponed to extend student rights.
Almost 40% of respondents graduated or planned to graduate on time
The largest number of respondents stated that they graduated on time or planned to graduate in time. But comments on this decision are not particularly positive, so the respondents say they were "naive that they would hire for as much normal pay." Some of the respondents state that they graduated so that they would no longer have the costs.
Respondents conclude that it would be better to postpone the diploma because there is no work in the profession. They hired to hire during the season.
A part of the respondent (28%) postponed the degree for student work
One respondent shared his experience: "I canceled my diploma for a job through a Student Service, which proved to be an excellent move because I was employed in a company where I started as a student and no matter what the lesson I am, I'm sorry!"
Part of the respondents also argued that student jobs often cost more than vocational training and, at the same time, stress that "even professional training is poorly offered".
A few of the respondents postponed the diploma for enrolling another outstanding graduate study to be funded, and work on a student contract is a good opportunity.
26% of respondents did not graduate in time because of the fear that they would not be able to find work in the profession
For almost one third of respondents, the reason for postponing the diploma is the fear of the inability of later employment in the profession. The respondents prevail over the opinion that 'for business you must have a connection.' Respondents point out the poor state of the state: "In Croatia, it's a disaster, I do not know if I can find a job after I graduate. I urgently go abroad! "
8% of respondents postponed a degree due to other student rights
The smallest part of the respondents, 8%, postponed the diploma due to other student rights, such as student exchange or accommodation at a student's home. Also, one respondent points out that he has postponed the degree "to take advantage of the opportunity to pursue professional practice abroad."