The program "Venice in Zagreb" for the third year in a row on the canvas of the Zagreb cinema Europe brings films from the Venice Film Festival (Mostre), the oldest and one of the most famous film festivals in the world!
In the program of this year's edition of "Venice in Zagreb", a manifestation that is the result of cooperation between the Venetian Exhibitions with the Zagreb Film Festival and the Italian Institute of Culture in Zagreb, will be the home audience of 2. to 6. March will be able to watch the eight films shown on the last release of this prestigious film festival in September last year. Among them will be the "Wild Horror" and Variety, "A Bigger Splash" directed by Luce Guadagnina, with Tilda Swinton as the world's most popular rock musician who recovers from vocal operation in a picturesque Italian village partner. Quiet everyday life will be interrupted by the sudden arrival of her musician and friend (played by Ralph Fiennes), and in a few days their reunion will stir up old memories and passions and lead to quite unexpected situations. The title of the title will be joined by an interesting achievement of Piera Messina 's "Expectation", in which Juliette Binoche and Juliaette M. Guadina' s "Ana For Your Love" are rewarded for the Monster by awarding the Volpi Cup to Best Actress (Valeria Golino).
As in previous years, a restored version of one of the Italian film-classics will be presented; this time it's the movie 'We Want Colonels' by Marija Monicelli from 1973. There is also one realization of the documentary genre of the official papal garrison - 'The Littleest Army in the World' by Gianfranco Pannone. Among the jewels of this year, it is certainly worth mentioning the achievement of Italian veteran director Marco Bellocchi, "My own blood" - a dark and enigmatic film about conspiracy, betrayal and corruption with two parallel actions placed in 17. century as well as the Italian Oscar nominee, the movie 'Do not be evil' by Claudia Caligari, who in a slightly Pasolini's manner gives insight into the life of an Italian mafia in the suburbs of Rome, mid-1990. Part of this year's diverse program is also interesting mockumentary 'Ovčice', directed by debutant Alberto Caviglia. The two-revelation of the Lunar Monster, a film by the idiotic and satirical fictitious story (filmed as if it were a documentary), unexpectedly and unexpectedly approaches the delicate theme of anti-Semitism.

The film program will also be followed by a photo exhibition of the winner of the Coppa Volpi Prize, which is given to Monsters regularly by 1935. the best actress and actor. The exhibition of photographic portraits, released by the Italian State Cinematheque, will be able to be seen in the European cinema venues during the program's lifetime.

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