1. March at the Tuškanac Cinema in 19 and 21h The second Tuesday is the second time hosting the most important and certainly the largest European filmmaker Olaf Möller. However, unlike his first appearance three years ago when he presented the films at the Oberhausen festival, which he has been working for as a selector for years, this time he will present an independent program called Nadrealism in Contemporary Film, which will personally and announce.
It's a kind of sequel, or is it better to say Olaf's remake program 'Really? Really! ' presented at the last year's film festival in Rotterdam, featuring the latest film Hana Jušić 'If the house was good and the wolf would have it', but also Boris Ivkovic's 'Great Rock' movie. In Zagreb we will see eight films of a wide variety of themes, all of which are exceptionally original, unusual and often bizarre authoring approaches. In short, it's probably the most amazing and unbelievable movies you'll ever have a chance to see!

Olaf Möller
Otherwise, Olaf Möller is the European editor of Film Comment, regularly published in Sight & Sound and Cinema Scope, and not only selects for Oberhausen, he often prepares programs for Rotterdam FF and the Austrian Film Museum. He also teaches film history at Aalto University in Helsinki where he has replaced the late 'father of Finnish film' by Peter Von Bagh.

The Zagreb program will open the animation of Atsushi Wade's "Pig's Eye", a miniature of a big pig living in the yard of the house. Father, mother, grandmother, six children and a dog living in the house all notice the pig, but no one knows what others think of this fact. The film explores the so-called. today, the Japanese concept of negative space, ie the space between the two structures.

Since Olaf Möller is a great fan of films from this part of the world, as well as the creation of John Factor, we will continue with his film 'Le Samourai'. He also deals with space, in this case the apartment of Tomislav Gotovac, a living museum, but at the same time intimate space filled with moments of melancholy, sadness and loneliness.

Evamaria Schaller is a performer from Graz whose films usually originate from her performative practice. The basis for the movie "Lovokradica iz Montafona" was a series of performances in which Evamaria used to deal with 'abuse' of meat in various ways. By inserting this motif into the story of a wild, dangerous, but beautiful woman in nature (in this case literally), from the Alpine Valley of Montafon, she created a surrealistic feminist Heimatfilm. (For the lesser talked about in the history of German film, it is a genre of romantic drama popular from the late 40s to the beginning of the 70 that took place in the idyllic surroundings of the Alps or Schwarzwalda.)

'Weeekend' Henrika Andersson, grotesquely styled in the style of the seventies, features two pairs on a romantic weekend in a cottage in the Swedish Forest. Their idyll ceases to appear strange creatures at the Neanderthal and Homo sapiens. Created under the influence of two David, Lynch and Cronenberg, the film produced by Ruben Östlund is a powerful and humorous criticism of the bourgeois society. 'Weekend' has won the Best Short Film Award at the Gothenburg 2006 Festival.

The second part of the program will open the film 'Svinje' by Greek artist Konstantin Kotzamani, which she describes herself as the 'nightmare of a girl in a traditional male world that passes through a sexual awakening'. The film is inspired by the Three Powder.

Bruno Sukrow is a 89-year-old retired from Aachen, a city on the border between Germany and Belgium. After his wife died about ten years ago, he began to deal with the creation of medium and feature films using the animation from the Second Life computer game. It is usually visually incredibly inventive crimes in dramas where Sukrow and his grandchildren give voice to the characters. Möller compares it to Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman who 33 built in his garden for the so-called " Ideal palace, which today is considered a masterpiece of naive architecture. 'Anna' is his most intimate and most personal movie, a lonely man who remembers his favorite women.

Erkke Nissinen's humorist-absurd 'Polis X' Finnish videographer is happening in the skyscraper of a city of utopia jointly designed by Le Corbusier and Albert Speer. Its residents drive hybrid vehicles, practice corporate team building and coprophagia, and there is a plumber that is obsessed with a proper polyhedron. Nissinen for the film says he 'confronts the audience with obscene historical traces of human inhumanity'.

'Corridor No. 50 'Evy Schubert is a surreal portrait of eight people whose only common feature is that they are tenants of the same unsightly building on the edge of a large, undefined city. There is a mathematician who lives with a drink, two students who say "past" a past that did not happen, and an academic couple working together on a Kafkaian novel. Their interaction (with large amounts of schnaps) will bring a dream dance to the movie!

The program is held in the organization of the Croatian Film Association, in cooperation with the Oberhausen Film Archive, and the entrance to it is free. We download movies from various formats (see schedule), they are in English or have English subtitles.

Program Schedule:
19.00 First Part (85 min)
In the pork eye (Wakaranai buta), Wada Atsushi, Japan, 2010., 10 min, Beta SP
Le samourai, Ivan Faktor, Croatia, 2011., 22 min, HD file
Montafon's Lovokradica (Die Wilderin vom Montafon), Evamaria Schaller, Austria / Germany, 2011., 21 min, HD file
Weekend, Henrik Andersson, Sweden, 2006. 32 min, 35mm

20.30 Talk with Olaf Möller

21.00 Second Part (85 min)
Pigs, Konstantina Kotzamani, Greece, 2011., 14 min, HD file
Anna, Bruno Sukrow, Germany, 2014., 21 min, HD file
Polis X, Erkka Nissinen, Finland, 2012., 26 min, HD file
Corridor Nr. 50, Evy Schubert, Germany, 2015., 24 min, HD file