The audience of this year's ZagrebDox for the Best Film Festival chose the Belgian-Israeli "In the Suntime of Life" by Sylvain Biegeleisen, an optimistic story that brings a different view of old age and death.

The director filmed a film of humor and emotion about his 94-year-old mother, who was told by doctors that she was only a few weeks away. Everyone had begun to forgive her, but she decided to live another two years later.

Thanks to this, Biegelsein has been given the opportunity to film the film and his mother, who now has to face not only her own but also her son's age. Though he is physically bad, he is like a 20-year-old, laughs, sings, smokes cigarettes and believes there is always something worth living

Sylvain Biegeleisen is director, producer, photographer and musician, founder and chief executive of the non-governmental organization Lahav for enhancing values ​​in the Israeli society. His latest film The Last Card, screened at ZagrebDox 2009, was awarded the Best European Film Award at the Grand Independent European Grand Prix in Warsaw.

For her new film "In the Soul of Life" she was nominated for the best director at the Docaviv festival in Tel Aviv last year. That film was bestowed on him as the best Israeli achievement, while the best film, this time Belgian, was proclaimed at the Belgian Docville festival. It is also shown at IDFA, at the DOK festival in Muenchen and at the Swiss Visions du Reel festival.

The public prize is awarded by HT's general sponsor, based on the visitor's vote, while members of the jury's jury announced their laudates on Saturday.

In the international competition, the Great Stamp was awarded the Chinese film "Poet on the Business Way" by Jua Anqia, and in the regional Croatian film "4.7" Djuro Gavrana.

The smallest seal of the best author up to 35 years has won Nicolas Steiner for the film "Above and below" and the Movies That Matter award for the best-promoting documentary, Melissa Langer for "My Alep".

High school students announced the best film "Filharmonija e deponisë" by Graham Townsley and Brada Allgood, and director and founder of ZagrebDox Nenad Puhovski awarded the Nobel Prize to the film "Don Juan" Jerzy Sladkowsky.

ZagrebDox finishes on Sunday with projections of award-winning films ("In the Soul of Life" is screened at four projections) and those that have caused the most interest in the audience.

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