On action held 26. February in Zagreb, in cooperation with the Ana Rukavina Foundation and the Croatian Scout Association, the Croatian Registry received 49 new potential donors of bloodstream stem cells.

The action was held as part of the Goodwill Action every day that the Federation of Scouts of Croatia conducts through February, which aims to do as many good works as possible for the members of the community.
Every action organized by the Foundation throughout Croatia carries the message "the cure is in us". This is why the Foundation wants to remind citizens once again that we carry a cure for saving lives of acute and chronic forms of leukemia and patients with severe bone marrow damage. In order for the drug to reach the affected person, it is necessary to take the first step and enter the Register. If HLA compatibility with a person is established, we can help heal it.

During the nine successful years of operation, the Foundation, with the help of numerous citizens, increased the number of potential donors from the initial 150 to today's 50.712 potential donors of bloodstream stem cells. A total of 58 transplants were issued from the Croatian Registry for Croatian and foreign patients, making 58 with serious illnesses from Croatia and abroad a chance for life.