The only name of Kyrgyzstan's cinematography known in European festivals is Marat Saroulu, primarily thanks to the success of the Songs of the Southern Seas (2008.). Shown in his films, the lost paradise of central Asia, Sarah is out of the box of film conventions. The meditative narrative of his films shows characters who are always on the go, leaving their native villages and seeking a better life.

The multi-award winning The Move (2014., 178 ') that we show in Short Pictures on Thursday, 3. March in the MM Center is precisely this, a quest for a better life, a family journey into the fragility of existence shown with a still camera and a slowed transcendental rhythm. The film is in Kyrgyz language with English subtitles. The program starts at 19: 30, and the input is free.

In a Kyrgyz village, in the house next to the lake grandparents live in a simple life in harmony with nature. At the invitation of a daughter who is struggling to work in the city to feed herself, father and daughter, grandparents and grandchildren are reluctant to move to the city, but at that moment their daughter is left out of work and a place to live. The family is in an unsettling situation and is faced with a tough choice. Through a tragic family journey, Saroul harshly portrays the current situation of the Kyrgyzstan society, posing questions of personal and national identity, opposing the spatial nature of the countryside. Elegance of life in the imposing landscape Saroul draws in a quiet and harmonious way, and causing a sense of sadness due to the fragility of existence the author evokes the yugen trend from Japanese art.

Short pictures, the film program of MM Center, one of the oldest Zagreb's still active cinemas. Short pictures focus on innovative film streams, accompanying the streams of contemporary production, as well as classic achievements. The Program Outline Outside the Focus, featuring The Move, is dedicated to authors and film schools from different countries whose creativity opens new and unconventional ways in the development of cinematography. For more information about the program, see te