Ban Jelačić Square on Friday 4. September has since become the site of numerous entertaining and educational content. Citizens of all nutrition habits can be informed on Fridays and Saturdays on the benefits of plant nutrition for human health and ecology.

From vegan gourmet treats as a special attraction to the sea delicacies we mention vegan kebab, cloves and kulen. Visitors can buy a natural seed, sign up for the Vege Challenge, laugh with mascots Mrkvic and Grakic, peek into the Vege Show, find their Vegan Buddy or learn how to cook without eggs. You can take an electric romance, win a professional juicer or some other prize, meet a vegan who raises 550 kg of cargo, listen to an ecological lecture or sit at Ban Jelačić and drink coffee with soy milk.

This unique festival in this part of Europe is part of the International Veganmania Festival, and is appreciated and recognizable by exhibiting and promoting exclusively herbal products, as well as those that are not tested on animals and which are friendly to the environment. It is devoted to healthy and sustainable living and to the well-being of people, the environment and animals.
The ZeGeVege festival began on Friday, 4. September at 9 hours, and solemnly opened by mayor Milan Bandic in 10: 30 hours. Patrick Baubomian, a vegan leader who is a heavyweight champion, is also on the square, wearing the title of Germany's strongest man. Patrik at this year's Festival presents his book "How to Become a Vegan Badass" and is available for two days for conversation with citizens. One should not miss the chance to talk to this living legend and ask him all the questions about veggies without fear because, although he looks like Terminator, Patrik always points out that his main driving force is compassion, and as a real man, without fear, his own gentle side is scared. His lecture will be held on Friday at 20 hours.
This year's 8. The ZeGeVege festival is a record for it is featured by even 100 exhibitors of healthy food, ecological products and innovations and cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Among the varied offer are also foreign exhibitors, V-markers, various associations, humanitarian and ecological initiatives, and information for tourists.
This year's festival really has something for everyone, not to skimp on your question, you do not have to be vegan or know anything about vegan to visit and enjoy the festival. Everyone is welcome! Among the truly colorful offerings of content, there are useful and educational lectures on sport, ecology, nutrition, activism and veggies, as well as cooking workshops with tastings of salads and desserts, as well as urban gardening and sustainable living, ample professional knowledge and personal experiences. The ZeGeVege Festival offers both herbal and dog food, ecological fruits and vegetables, non-alcoholic beer, numerous tastings, ecological innovations, video-propaganda with the theme of animal and vegan diet, and recipes with recipes. Everyone who visits ZeGeVege and fills the coupons at the organizer stand can take part in the prize game and only need some luck to win valuable and rewarding prizes.
At the beginning of the Festival we started our attractive music-scene program. Enjoy with our DJs, dance with popular music, hip-hop and rock music, listen to children's voices and enjoy music performances and dance performances by all performers who will take care of the rich and varied program.
Animal Friends invitate everything not to miss the clear and positive atmosphere of the ZeGeVege Festival, get useful information on a sustainable way of life and entertain you well. There is still time to visit Vegan.
The support of this year's ZeGeVege Festival was given by the Milan Mayor's Mayor's Office, the City Office for Health, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Sector for Tourism, the City Office for Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, the Environmental Protection Agency, City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Croatian Public Health Institute, Zagreb Tourist Board and others. The sponsor of the ZeGeVege festival is the City of Zagreb.