Basketball players Cibona won the quarterfinals of FIBA ​​Eurocup after the Lithuanian Juventus defeated from Utena in the second game of the eighth finals this time in its 87-84 (14-22, 26-15, 18-22, 29-25 ).

Cibona then skipped Juventus with the 2-0 in the wins, as he celebrated with 87-84 a week ago in Uteni.

Doubt at KC "Dražen Petrović" was full of reversals, initially looked better with the guest composition that he had with 16-6. However, Cibona was better off in the defense, which made the balls won and the lightweight bouncing balls in the second quarter were overturned and 40-37 enjoyed the rest.

The start of the second half brought a similar scenario to the start of the match, and the guests continued with the series 13-0 and, having achieved the last three points in the first half, they made a series of 16-0 for the 50-40 lead. Then he was "awakened" by James Florence, who with a few points gave a new impulse to Ciboni, who reduced to one third (58-59) by the end of the third quarter, and five points at the beginning of the fourth quarter reached the 63-59 advantage.

However, 1: 38 minutes before the end Juventus equalized to 80-80, and then the best Cibona players on Wednesday, Florence and Filip Krušlin hit the trice, and between their strike Slavica scored in defense with a brilliant blockade and 36 seconds before the end of either is 86-80. However, neither was the end of time, with one hit free throw and the third Juventus came on 86-84, and after Slavica 4.4 had hit one of the two free throws a second before the end, Juventus could straighten up and take the match in the extension but that happily did not happen.

Krušlin achieved 27 and Florence 25 for Cibona who played without Ante Žižić for back injury, while Chavaughn Lewis with 24 and Spencer Butterfield from 22 was led by Juventus.

In the quarterfinals Cibona will play against Russian Yenisas from Krasnojarsk, and the first match will be played in Russia 16. March.

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