By the film "Ana - For Your Love" by Giuseppe M. Gaudin, with the Italian star Valeria Golino in the title role he won the Coppa Volpi Award for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival last year, "Venice in Zagreb" ".

Within this program, which is held this year for the third time in a row, until Sunday, 6. March will feature a total of eight films from last year's prestigious edition of the Zagreb Film Festival.
"The Venice Film Festival gives a great insight into film production, showing the stars and the world's greatest achievements, as well as movies that are prone to experimentation, and not just for promotion, but also a window into the world," said Maria Sica, Director of the Italian Institute for culture. "The show brings films of different jezika i kultura, depicting the complexity of today's society," she added.
The film that opened the Italian Showroom show in Zagreb is a story about a woman living in Naples with three teens and husbands. Because of her family's love, she neglected herself, allowing her life to go slowly, asserting she was worthless. In addition to the Monster Prize, the main actress also won the Pasinetti Prize, and the movie nomination for the Golden Lion.
"Ana's love for you" belongs to Valeria Golino as a typical Mediterranean mother holding all four corners of the home, but she does not succeed because she is a mother and a woman in a dysfunctional family, "said filmmaker Diana Nenadić at the opening.
According to her, the film shows that director Gaudino is primarily an experienced documentary, captures a camera from his hand, fictional documentaryism, and the housework of a housewife is trying to show off quite gray.
One of the most attractive films of "Venice in Zagreb" is "Bigger Splash" by Luca Guadagnina, a remake of Jacquesa Deraya's "Pool" by 1969. years. Tilda Swinton plays a popular rock musician who recovers in a small Italian location from the vocal operation, but the quiet everyday is disturbed by the arrival of her fellow musician and a close friend (Ralph Fiennes), which is why they awaken old memories and passions.
Among the selected films are "Expectation," directed by Piera Messina, a story about a mother (acting by Juliette Binoche) and a young girl who is expecting her to return from the isolation of the Sicilian hinterland.
There is also an Italian director, veteran Marco Bellocchi, with one of his most unusual achievements, "My Own Blood," described as a "dark and enigmatic film about conspiracy, betrayal and corruption with two parallel actions placed in 17. century and today ".
There will also be an Italian nominee for the Oscar, the film "Do not be naughty", Claudia Caligari, who through the story of two inseparable friends in a somewhat Pasolini's manner gives insight into the life of Rome's suburbs in the mid-nineties, into the nightclubs, drugs, fast cars.
The program usually brings a restored version of one of the Italian movie theaters - this is the film "We Want Colonels" Maria Monicelli from 1973. the satire of a group of members of the Italian extreme right who unsuccessfully attempt to make a coup d'état and implore dictatorship.
In addition to the feature films, a documentary - "The World's Smallest Army" will be presented by Gianfranco Pannone on the official papal garrison. The film follows a young student of theology who has decided to join the Swiss garrison and asks for answers to his questions about what in 21. century is to be a part of this colorful but anachronistic army.
There will also be a 'mockumentary', the so-called 'mockumentary'. a fictional documentary, feature film filmed in a documentary fashion - "Ovčice" Alberta Caviglie. It is an "idiotic and satirical fictitious story" that unexpectedly seeks out the stereotypes and prejudices of today's anti-Semitism.
In the cinema lobby there is an exhibition that follows the film program. It is an exhibition of a photo of the winner of the Coppa Volpi Award, which has been awarded the best actress and actor in Venice for eighty years. Photographic portraits, released by the Italian State Cinematheque, will be exposed during the program.
The "Venice in Zagreb" program was created in cooperation with the Venetian Festival with the Zagreb Film Festival and the Italian Institute of Culture in Zagreb.

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