Spring holidays are closer to us, and Croatian Film Association Tuškanac re-organizes activities for elementary and high school students! The programs will be held by 21. to 25. March this year and interested can sign up to 15. March to mail hselec@gmail.com or get information on cell phone number 091 / 798-0858 (Hrvoje Selec). Both programs are free.

Elementary students from 12 to 15 years in five days will have the opportunity to learn about the movie and one will realize it. The movie screening workshop will be conducted by Mateja Ilijasev, a student of ADU's direction Recording. She was interested in filming at high school, and she was an active member of Blank Film Associations, Kinoklub Zagreb and the Studio of Creative Ideas of Gunja, where she filmed and directed numerous of her own films. In six years of film art, she has participated in many domestic and foreign workshops, complementing her knowledge and artistic expression.

High school students will also have the opportunity to take part in the Film Arts Education program at Tuškanac Cinema. After the winter cycle, the program will also be held during spring holidays. This is how we want to influence the prevention of unwanted forms of behavior: free time is filled with quality and productive activity instead of, unfortunately, much more popular but less enriching and purposeful ways. Choosing movies works on pupils educationally and thereby encouraging the development of their artistic sensibility, humanistic worldview and civic awareness. During five lessons, students will have the opportunity to look at five different, artistically relevant and younger generations of mostly unknown film works. Following the screenings of each of these films, they follow their analysis and interpretation with the expert guidance of Ane Đordić and Jelena Modrić. So far, six cycles of filmmaking at the Tuškanac Cinema have been held so far that more than 250 pupils from different high schools participated, it received a positive opinion from the MZOŠ.